Saturday, September 15, 2007

Not selling north of Montana

Here's the third mid-month everything north of Montana over 30 days on the market (8/16 previous). Two joined the list and four were removed, but a bunch of new listings may be here next month....

242 25th St., 2 bed/1.5 bath, $2,500K LP, 7/7/07 LD
848 25th St., 5/4.5, $3,175K, 7/30/07, (red. 5%) new
202 14th St. (photo), 6/4, $3,288, 5/24/07 (red 15%)
710 23rd St., 4/3, $3,298K, 7/13/07
446 23rd St., 5/4, $3,498K, 6/22/07
557 12th St., 6/5.5, $3,538K, 6/4/07 (red. 16%)
713 22nd St., 6/5.5, $3,750K, 6/7/07 (red. 6%)
239 14th St., 5/5.5, $3,998, 5/29/07 (red. 11%)
333 14th St., 5/6, $4,725K, 6/29/07 (red. 3%)
421 23rd St., 6/6.5, $5,000K, 5/24/07
1020 Palisades Beach Rd., 6/6, $10,550K, 7/9/07 new

Removed listings:
439 22nd St., 3/3, $2,398K, 6/25/07
1020 San Vicente Blvd., 5/3, $2,695K, 7/9/07
230 21st Pl., 6/6.5, $4,380K, 3/22/07
506 Palisades Ave., 4/4, $7,950K, 3/23/07

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WarChestSM said...

Re 14th Street:

While 202 14th isn't new construction, it is an almost 10K sq ft lot on the corner of Georgina. The house is big and seems decent from the pics. I have not been in it, but assuming it isn't rotting away, the place is absolutely undercutting the crap out of the other two new spec houses on 14th. The recent price reduction was a pretty big one and it looks like they want the place to move!

Regarding the new spec house on 21st place that you have as removed...It would be very interesting to know if it sold or what is happening. When I went to the open house it was dead and I was the only one there.

My theory is still that if the high end spec homes have trouble selling at high prices, the demand for tear downs will slow and this should cause prices across the board to weaken.