Friday, September 28, 2007

Biggest price reductions

Here's a list of all the price reductions of at least 15% on the listings I've been tracking. One can argue whether they were just over-priced to begin with, but they show at least some buyers are seriously dropping prices in the hopes of finally selling. Here they are, including when they were first listed (some are recent, some are old), with the biggest drop at the end.

15% - 202 14th, SM, 6 bed/4 bath, $3,858K to $3,288K, 5/24/07
16% - 557 12th, SM, 6/5.5, $4,195K to $3,538K, 6/4/07
16% - 3046 Mountain View, MV, 3/1.75, $1,099K to $925K, before 1/30/07
17% - 4366 Westlawn, MV, 7/4, $1,199K to $999K, 7/26/07
18% - 4021 Marcasel, MV, 3/1, $850K to $699K, 5/9/07
18% - 3740 Wasatch, MV, 4/3, $1,899K to $1,549K, 3/13/07
18% - 11959 Charnock, MV, 3/3, $2,250K to $1,845K, 4/29/07
26% - 813 Pier, SM, 1/1, $979K to $729K, 7/2/06
29% - 461 Puerto del Mar, PP, 3/2, $1,699K to $1,199K, 1/10/07
42% - 1834 16th, SM, 3/1, $1,280K to $745K, 4/4/07 (photo, looking south, showing how it backs up to Woodlawn Cemetery)


Anonymous said...

"photo, looking south, showing how it backs up to Woodlawn Cemetary"

I'd rather live next to dead neighbors than next to some of the living neighbors in that area.

Westside Bubble said...

Yeah, that too.

Anonymous said...

This place is in the Pico neighborhood, right? How would the original asking of $1.2mm appraise? It was out of wack in any market. The new "dropped" price is now closer to comparable values.

Priti said...

the 1834 16th, SM, 3/1, $1,280K to $745K, 4/4/07, finally closed this monday for $650K !!! that's a 50% drop.

sexy said...