Monday, September 10, 2007

"Buyers could not perform"

"Back on the market, buyer's could not perform [sic]. Great Opportunity to Build new Home. Deep lot, build a 2-story home with views to the ocean. Great School District. Don't miss this great opportunity. House comes with approved plans for a 2 story, 3200 square foot, 5 bedroom home...."

Expect a lot more of these. This happens to be a 3 bed / 1 bath house at 3660 Corinth Ave., Mar Vista, asking $699K. Was it the reality of "views to the ocean" from two blocks west of the 405 or lack of financing that caused this buyer's inability to perform?


Not a realtwhore said...

Gotta love it, "deep lot"

Lot Size: 5615 SF
Building Area: 840

Yeah, go outside and enjoy that big back yard, and close your eyes and imagine the freeway noise is actually waves crashing on the beach. Ahhh, paradise.

Anonymous said...

ooops...bad investment to tear down & build
Sale History 10/30/2006: $710,000
Construction cost 3200 sf x $250 = $800 = $800K
How much selling price will be?
Long term (10 yrs) investment?
10 yrs appreciation =?
10x8% interest = 80%

Westside Bubble said...

Good catch, Anon! Seller couldn't perform either, already flopping.

Evil Landlord said...

"Buyers could not perform" sounds like a job for Viagra...

Anonymous said...

buyer's could not perform

For 6% of these bubble prices, is correct English too much to ask?

Mr.Mortgage said...

Mortgage Brokers say 57% of clients couldn't refi in AUG.
Specific article on the CA situation.

Keep up the great work Westside. One of my favorite reads.

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