Monday, September 24, 2007

'Freeway Close' is back!

One of my first posts back in February was about this 3 bed / 1 bath house at 3735 Globe Ave. in Mar Vista, then asking $725K. Its description included, "... very nice area, freeway close, ... a diamond in the rough." The listing ended in May.

Price reduced to $679K, here's its description now: "This light and bright home sits high on a knoll affording privacy. 3 bedrooms with 1 separated from the other 2, large bath, hardwood floors and inside laundry. The living room looks out to a private courtyard, perfect for entertaining. There is a 2 car detached garage and a fully fenced backyard with mature trees. The 405 expansion/sound wall is almost complete. ... VERY motivated Seller!!..."


Cough Cough said...

700K to inhale exhaust particulates.

Westside Bubble said...

Per the description, the retaining wall is finished, but the sound wall on top of it hasn't been built yet. And the sad truth about sound walls is while they help, it's still loud.

I feel kinda sorry for the owner(s). Air pollution, miserable noise, and trying to sell in a weak market.

Although unless they've owned it since the 1950s, it was their decision to buy next to a freeway.

Anonymous said...

To the 2nd comment:

The verbiage reads that the sound wall is ALMOST complete..It does not say it is finished. Might I suggest reading glasses? Through the advice of my Realtor I drove past this house and intend to view it when it is open this weekend. The ad reads correctly. The wall is nearing completion. It is the best value for under $700,000 in the MV/Palms area.

Baton Rouge Real Estate said...

We just put walls up here in a New Orleans a few yeas back. They seem to work well but Im not sure they are worth the money spent on them

sexy said...