Sunday, January 25, 2009

Development perspective

Click on this photo and scroll down to get the awesome full perspective of a bubble-era real estate development project (admittedly not on the Westside of Los Angeles; via a viral email that came my way).


Anonymous said...


they can build because the American buying their oil...

go green & energy independent..!

Anonymous said...

Can anyone with knowledge of building tell me how much it would cost a builder to put up a tower like this, if i simply take the plans, get them approved for another location and ask the builder to slap up an exact copy of this in another color, how much will it cost the builder in labor and materials to slap it up and how much will he charge me ?

I have owned a teardown for many many years and i have been waiting for the cost of building to fall low enough that it made sense for me to have something put up on my land

Don said...

I would have the developer scale everything up by 1%. That way your tower would be the new record holder for world's tallest man-made structure.

Westside Bubble said...

Thanks, Anon #1!

Anon #2, no problem for the McMansion builder down the street to to bid one of these! Just start with whatever the published cost of this tower is, then look for some conversion of construction costs from Dubai to your site. But granite counters may be extra.

Anonymous said...

Ha -

I'd like to see how well this tower would do in the next Santa Monica earthquake!

Anonymous said...

"They can't make more land!"

"Real Estate never goes down!"

"Buy now or get priced out forever!"

"Don't throw your money away on rent!"

"If you have a long-term outlook it's always a good time to buy!"

"The Westside is immune!"

"We will find WMDs!"


Anonymous said...

"Obama will save us"

More of the same.