Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A toast to "developer pain"

Anon commented yesterday:

Check out this for developer pain
16463 Akron
2.935 - 10/21/07 (delisted in January)
1.995 - today
Seller is a "short pay" - no kidding
1M haircut anybody?
Memo to REALTOR(R): When you set up a "romantic" wine bottle on the patio table up the hill in the back yard, be sure to at least wash the wine glasses sometimes. Photo from 16463 Akron, October 2007. Yum! Yuck!

Added: I found a 9/07 listing sheet that shows LD=7/11/07 and OLP=$3,200K. That's a whopping 38% reduction!


Anonymous said...

Well they paid $1,245,012 in 2006 and I don't think did much to it, so there's not THAT much pain... yet.

Oh, wait, they haven't paid their taxes in a year (~17k). [and not alone in that fact in the Palisades]

Seriously, what is this going to sell for? Okay house (small) in not the best location on a small lot... 1 million? Maybe?

Anonymous said...

If it's the same place I'm thinking of, I think this place was TOTALLY redone by the current seller? I remember thinking that the developer put his money into strange places, like the jacuzzi at the top of the hill. Also, I recall that the layout of the house wasn't ideal for families with small children, as the master is completely separated from the other bedrooms. THe decorating and staging was also a little over the top. Again, all this only applies if if I'm thinking of the same house...Needless to say, I wasn't a fan.

Anonymous said...

You are thinking of the right house. Tons and tons of stairs.

Elda said...

Good words.

Roger said...

My buyers put in a lowball bid on the property when they were asking over $2million. We went into escrow on another property before the bank got back to us on the short sale.

It was more than the property Withdrew from the MLS, that's for sure.

sexy said...