Sunday, May 11, 2008

Subway meeting this week

There's one more in the latest round of community meetings on the Wilshire subway (more information; maps of alternatives):

* Monday, May 12, 6:00 pm, Plummer Park, 7377 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood.


Nancy said...

I love how this post has no comment. Have we truly given up on the MTA?

Anonymous said...

people are too polite to comment -

no one wants to think about all the gangbangers this will bring in.

So we are all just hoping it dies a quiet death

Westside Bubble said...

Gangbangers don't drive or ride the bus today?

WarChestSM said...

Just got back from London and Paris.

They didn't have any problems with gangbangers -- just great transport. Very refreshing to not have to sit in a car and deal with traffic.

Los Angeles would be 1,000 times better with a real subway system. I would love to take it to work.

Anonymous said...

Yes- all these concerns about gangbangers is nothing but barely masked racism. How naive- as if they don't have cars already (like almost everyone else in LA)! People of all stripes will take efficient public transport, if it exists, that's the nature of it.

Get a passport, see some big cities in the world which have it, and don't tell me you didn't find it convenient just to be able to hop on a train any time of the day to get around town, rather than spend four hours of each of your short days on this earth sitting in traffic on the 405.

Anonymous said...

Please don't feed the racist trolls. They'll just keep coming back with the same stupid remarks about "gang bangers" until you ignore them.

Anonymous said...

I think the unspoken truth here is that gangbangers are the only progressive, environmentally conscious group in Los Angeles. They committ their crimes close to home in order to reduce their carbon footprint. However, with the introduction of mass transit, they would be able to committ crimes all over the city without threatening the polar ice caps.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Paris has proven that a subway system does bring armed violent predators from the bad neighborhoods to the best ones

Just do a google search on the following phrase

In Paris the once elegant Champs-Elysee is now the hunting ground of armed Moslem teenage gangs

That is why the subway will die a quiet death - most SM residents know the truth but are too polite to bring it up and will let this die

WarChestSM said...

I googled that phrase and the website that came up was mainly discussing Muslims in Europe and some related social issues. It didn't even say anything about transport. Nothing, not a word! I won't even post what it said right after that phrase...

I think this was a very poor attempt at further fear mongering related to the subway issue.

I don't see how the potential benefits of a subway here wouldn't outweigh the negatives.

Anonymous said...

A heavy rail subway system like those in NY, London, Paris and D.C. would be impossible to build in L.A. The geography of this city is much larger and diverse than any of those cities and the cost of the system would be astronomically high.

None of you have taken a transportation geography class or even an urban geography class. No mass transit system could substantially reduce the traffic in L.A.

Now for you uber-rich folks who live 2 miles from your high paying job in Santa Monica, I have to remind you that most of the citizens of L.A. (the "little people")live in places like Paramount or the valley and must drive 10-30 miles to work.

I'm sorry that we can't build a nice Potemkin Village mass transit system so that you can pretend that we're doing something about the imaginary problem of manmade global warming.

Westside Bubble said...

No mass transit system could substantially reduce the traffic in L.A.

Rail lines along terrible-traffic corridors like the Santa Monica Freeway will help a lot of people.

imaginary problem of manmade global warming

Troll alert!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Mr. "I do cancer research for a living hence I am the premier scientific authority on global warming" is here again. Yawn.

Why don't you go to Paris and take a look for yourself? Having lived there myself (I'm from Europe originally), I can tell you that it is more than the few central arrondissements that you tourists see. The city is incredibly spread out, with people commuting into the center from many smaller towns on the periphery (yes, they also have issues with high cost of housing in the desirable areas), and it's not only the subway (Metro) but an efficient combination of various commuter rail lines (RER ...) that makes this possible. You obviously have NO idea of what you are talking about. I don't see why this couldn't be realized in Los Angeles.

And I wouldn't see public transport as a solution to global warming (it might or might not be) but rather to the problem of huge segments of our population (me included) sitting an a clogged freeway for hours on end every day. What a waste of time.

"No mass transit system could substantially reduce the traffic in L.A." I had to laugh out loud when I read that. Well, what else do you propose? Widening the I405 to 20 lanes each way? Come on!

Anonymous said...

o.k. so we've all been to paris, and i, for one, would love to live there again.

has anyone ever been to San Fran, where the BART manages to operate peacefully? and it is packed every has day with people like me who would love to stop driving.

mass transit is the only answer to our sick dependence on foreign oil. if we could tell the Arabs to keep their oil...guess what? we'd be out of Iraq and the middle east nightmare would dissolve. GW Bush, on the other hand, seems to have devoted himself and his admin to keeping his buddies in TX and middle east at the trough, regardless of the tragic consequences.