Tuesday, November 25, 2008

September S&P/Case-Shiller

Today's September 2008 S&P/Case-Shiller numbers continued down, now 32.6% from its peak in September 2006, back to early 2004 levels.

By month that's 2.5% from August, 1.8% from July, 1.6% from June, 1.4% from May, 1.9% from April, 2.2% from March, 3.6% from February, 4.3% from January, 3.7% from December 2007, 3.6% from November, 3.6% from October, 2.1% from September and 1.3% from August. The national (orange line, their original 10-city Composite) index is down 23.4% from its peak in June 2006.

Besides the original city index they have each city broken into Low, Middle, and High tiers (Under $366,096, $366,096 - $522,784, and Over $522,784; updated for September). Los Angeles' Low Tier rose the most and has fallen back the most so far from its November 2006 peak, 43.8%. The High Tier rose the least and plateaued for awhile before falling more steeply, now down another 1.7% to 22.7% from its June 2006 peak.

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