Friday, July 25, 2008


For something different, not to mention on the topic of who lives in Santa Monica / Pacific Palisades now, I just happened upon a May 11 Sunday LA Times "Hot Property" item about thirtysomething TV star Mel Harris listing the Pacific Palisades house she's owned since 2003 for $4,197K. It was described as 4,500 SF on a corner lot, with "a brand-new marble-countered kitchen and bathrooms." Like about every other PP listing.

I won't list the address since the Times didn't, but you can do what I did. Go to the named listing agents' website, click on Our Listings, narrow the search to Pacific Palisades, voila! there's the photo. Then look up the MLS# to find the scoop.

Listed 3/27/08 for $4,347K, already reduced once to the Times' featured price, it's now down $500K to $3,847K at close to four months on the market. So the only thing that came from being featured in the Times ... was another price reduction.

For some small celebrity stuff about thirtysomething and Santa Monica real estate. I was at an open house north of Montana at a decade+ ago. A car pulled up, I talked briefly with the guy who got out, then immediately recognized also getting out was his (then-) wife Mel Harris. Which of course left me tongue-tied. No, they didn't buy that house.

But another thirtysomething star Peter Horton is in his second house north of Montana. You can see his EV-1 car being taken away in its alley in Who Killed the Electric Car. And thirtysomething writer and producer Paul Haggis, who went on to write Million Dollar Baby and direct Crash, is also in his second north of Montana house.


Anonymous said...

It's all starting to make sense. The thirtysomething gang is keeping values high in 90402. I bet even that red-headed girl from that show has bought a spec house!

Anonymous said...

Mel Harris has been married 5 times!!

Gee, how does she keep track of her husband's name? Maybe she pins a number on his shirt.

"Number 5, please bring me a latte with a dash of cinnamon!"

Anonymous said...

Ha !

is that why the cops keep the gangbangers out of 90402? So many celebrities hanging around ?

Wish the celebs would come to ocean park so the cops would have a motivation to help us out of our crime probs

Anonymous said...

why are we 'outing' the houses of the celebs? Aren't they entitled to privacy?

Westside Bubble said...

why are we 'outing' the houses of the celebs? Aren't they entitled to privacy?

Good point, and it is the reason I wrote nothing specific beyond what was in or directly accessible from the LA Times house feature.

Anonymous said...

Yes I agre