Saturday, December 15, 2007

Not selling in Ocean Park

To complete the trio, here is the fifth mid-month list of single-family houses in Ocean Park over 30 days on the market (11/14 previous). Five were added, three removed.

651 Navy St., 1 bed/1 bath, $679K LP, 10/25/07 LD new
664 Marine St., 2/1, $749K, 10/18/07, new
724 Navy St., 2/1.5, $849K, 5/6/07 (red. 11%)
2724 6th St., 2/1, $999K, 9/4/06 (red. 16%) new
2613 5th St., 3/2, $1,195K, 6/1/07 (red. 20%)
2614 2nd St., 3/1.75, $1,339K, 8/28/06 (red. 10%)
2327 5th St., 2/1, $1,499K, 7/13/07 (red. 6%)
213 Pacific, 3/2, $1,499K, 8/1/07 (red. 3%)
2912 2nd St., 2/1, $1,600K, 12/29/06 (incr. 10%!)
2629 6th St., 3/2, $1,750K, 10/3/07 (incr. 3%)
419 Hill St., 4/3, $1,880K, 10/8/07
654 Ashland Ave., 3/2, $2,295K, 11/8/07 new
150 Fraser St., 2/2, $2,395K, 10/4/07
2806 2nd St., 3/3, $2,695K, 10/3/07
2219 Ocean Ave., 3/3, $3,300K, 9/20/05
2606 Highland Ave., 2/2.75, $3,475K, 11/9/07, new

Removed listings:
718 Marine St., 1/1, $799K LP, 5/25/07 LD (red. 8%)
716 Marine St., 4/2.75, $1,589K, 4/20/07 (red. 10%)
2404 2nd St., 2/2.75, $1,875K, 6/21/07 (red. 17%)


Anonymous said...

1108 Maple Street put on the market 9/14/07 for 1299K reduced 30days later 100K. Still on market, has only 1 bath and one ugly 1/2 bath with electrical wires running over the back yard. This seller must be clueles and should see what is on the market which is much more upscale and less money. Not to mention the house is right on the corner of a busy intersection with some sort of car lot behind house. FYI could not get the broker to call me back but saw the listing anyway.

Anonymous said...

I agree, you have to love when a broker puts charming in the sales caption. This property should be listed for about $900,000 as a buyer will need to put a substantial amount of money into renovations including structural. The way it is layed out is good for renters or people without children. Certainly not a home for a family. Kitchen and bath need to be updated with better fixtures. This looks like a quick renovation to make money as there is hardly any furniture in the house. House feels cold and dark, no life.

jetstream said...

the photo -- it looks like it's just as big as a trailer.

in 1980, i remember going to a "dive" bar on ocean avenue in Santa Monica. it was on a corner, i think either at Broadway or Santa Monica Blvd. There was only the door, catty-corner, no windows. The memory is strong; that for me was Santa Monica. Great location, but no one appreciating it; slumming was the norm. Pre-promenade, I stayed away from the last block of the old "mall," it was too seedy. I could go on and on. In the last 25 years, Santa Monica became "upscale" in a very big hurry. Does no one anymore remember old Santa Monica? Is everyone under 30 now?

Anonymous said...

I think I would opt for the trailer. At least you could pull out when they start to develop the lot behind or an electrical fire starts in the backyard.