Saturday, May 26, 2007

Odd couple on Marine

A block over from Navy St. are this odd couple of listings. On the left is the new 718 Marine, 1 bed/1 bath, 25' x 100' lot, asking $869K. It's described as, "Cute Ocean Park home redone inside and out side, new copper repipe new water heater new tile and wood floors, new double pane windows new bathroom & kitchen with granite counter top". Below is how it looked in April, 2005. According to the County it last sold 3/23/05 for $615K.Meanwhile, the two lots next door at 714 Marine (sold together 12/16/04 for $775K) were cleared of another building like this and two new two-story modern boxes were built. The one to the right in the top photo at 716 Marine has been for sale since 4/20, 4 bed/2.75 bath, asking $1,650K. It's described as, "Whelan-O’Neill Arch. 2007. This New Modern Home is located in Santa Monica's desirable Ocean Park Neighborhood. Walk to local parks, beaches, restaurants". Another next door to the west (beyond the photo) appears identical and still being finished.

$1,650K to live off of Lincoln on a 25' x 100' lot? Does this make 724 Navy St. a good buy at $949K, or are they all nuts?


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Joey said...

Close to Lincoln is not a factor here since these places are pretty far in on Marine so there is no Lincoln noise and the homeless don't stroll in that far usually. Plus it's convenient to La Playita for good cheap Mexican food and Farooq's micro brews at the Marine Market. But at that price...too expensive. My neighbor checked out the open house and said it's really nice....but with zero lot other than the footprint of the house itself

Anonymous said...

I drove by the Navy Street place yesterday. It's totally crazy. No space between any of the lots, really tough parking (and no driveway that could be seen), and a very cramped neighborhood.

I've lived one block from Lincoln and rarely heard noise from Lincoln. I now live two blocks from Lincoln and hear nothing. I agree with Joey; I don't think there is a huge Lincoln factor here. But I do think there is a simple space issue here. And if one is spending that much money on a house, it should feel like more than an apartment.

Any word on the crazy place on Grant Street?

Westside Bubble said...

The 1 bed/1 bath at 614 Grant for $849K that entered escrow last week after a month? I haven't seen it. Others' comments?

I agree that noise from Lincoln isn't really a problem here. What bugs me is listings selling Main Street and the beach as being close, when they're nearly a mile over the hill. Rumor has it that some of these lots were originally given away, and later sold for a few hundred dollars in the 1940s.

Joey said...

Agreed...although I think pitching Main St. on this one is not so bad. I live on Pier the same distance to Main as the Marine places, and my walk there is only 5-10 minutes. But it's true that I don't roll out of bed onto Main st...have to go up and down the hill :)

Anonymous said...

614 Grant is in escrow??? That's totally insane. The place, as one blogger put it so aptly, is no more than a postage stamp. My dad and I peeked in the windows during its refurbishment. There's nothing there.

I've heard the owner of 614 owns a house around the corner on 6th Street. The 6th St place is in the throes of a complete and total renovation and, by all accounts, is beautiful.

Will be fascinated to hear what they get for the Grant property. I'm still shocked it's even in escrow. Any idea if it's a developer?

Anonymous said...

so how much do you guys think these places are worth?