Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Airport view

LateSummer2008's comment inspired posting this view* from the back of 2314 Pier. It was described as, "Large lot with views from airport to Playa del Rey." The airport runway end is center left; tall buildings in Marina del Rey on right, left of the telephone pole. LP $959K, SP $920K. (*Photo down of backyard matched to photo up of plane taking off.)


Anonymous said...

You guys are really missing the fun at 2430 Pier. I went and looked at this smallish 2bd early last year where the smug realtor (who I guess was right) sold it for 925... more than a year of holding and cosmetic improvements and it's for sale for 928... OOOOOPS. Including the full-on douchbag reduction in price of $1000 in early April. I LOVE SEEING GREEDY FOLLOWER'S WHO CAN'T THINK FOR THEMSELVES GET SCREWED. HERE'S TO MORE OF THIS!

Craig said...

Great great great...please keep up the good work. I am specifically watching for cases like the one that anon has posted about. We need to really start seeing visible declines to get this ball rolling. The denial on the westside is sickening. I know people who LIVED in SM and owned property which they acknowledge declined significantly in the early 90s but somehow this time is different...there are too many people and too much demand for prices to decline significantly. GIVE ME A BREAK. AND this is coming from highly educated folks with MBAs,etc...Bring on the declines!

latesummer2008 said...

If you compare this lot with 2338 Pier, I believe they overpaid at least $150K. 2314 Pier house was an absolute DUMP and the other house at 2338 was a 3Br 2Ba Fixer. Plus, 2314 Pier is 2 houses from Walgrove !
I have applied my (HPM) House Price
Multiplier to this property and came up with a $750K lot value, at best.

Check it out the (HPM) House Price Multiplier Method at:

Westsider said...

Talk abouta price decrease - 3877 MARCASEL AVE in 90066 dropped today to $900,000 originally listed for $1,100,000
List date on MLS is 04/11/2007

latesummer2008 said...

12639 Caswell Condo Building in Mar Vista just got WHACKED also!

Unit #13 2+1 Sold 12/06 for $469K

Unit #6 2+1 Sold 3/07 for $381K

-19% in 3 months!

I guess number 13 is bad luck!

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