Sunday, August 19, 2007

Not selling in Ocean Park

Let's add Ocean Park to the lists of everything over 30 days on the market. That's nearly everything in Ocean Park, including many we've written about here the last few months and four originally listed in 2005-6.

They couldn't sell during the hot spring, and now face rising interest rates. Wonder when some of these sellers will finally reduce their prices?

718 Marine St., 1 bed/1 bath, $840K LP, 5/25/07 LD (red. 3%)
745 Navy St., 1/1, $849K, 5/10/07 (failed escrow in July)
724 Navy St., 2/1.5, $919K, 5/6/07 (failed escrow in June)
2724 6th St., 2/1, $999K, 9/4/06 (red. 16%)
2614 2nd St., 3/1.75, $1,375K, 8/28/06 (red. 8%)
2613 5th St., 3/2, $1,495K, 6/1/07
2912 2nd St., 2/1, $1,600K, 12/29/06 (incr. 10%!)
2327 5th St., 2/1, $1,600K, 7/13/07
716 Marine St., 4/2.75, $1,639K, 4/20/07 (red. 7%)
2404 2nd St., 2/2.75, $2,250K, 6/21/07
2219 Ocean Ave., 3/3, $3,300K, 9/20/05


Anonymous said...

This is no surprise, considering many of the listings are from AP Real Estate. That broker lives in some sort of fantasy world regarding pricing.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes. Dear, dear Peter Mullins. He is in a fantasy land. And an ass.

Anonymous said...

I saw it about a month or two ago that he received a notice of default on one of his personal houses in SM.