Wednesday, August 8, 2007

SM condo inventory

I haven't maintained a regular condo inventory, but do have these data points from last year to compare with current Santa Monica. Although lower inventory than last year, condos as a multiple of houses have risen.

Date      7/30/06  9/15/06  8/04/07

All SM 184 188 166
2+ bedrooms 128 138 121
All 90403* 52 63 48
Houses <$3M 71 75 53
Condo mult. 2.6 2.5 3.1

(*between Wilshire & Montana)

See also Falling condo prices in 90403 (June 6th, map above) for recent same-address condo sales.


Don said...

Does anybody have Dataquick numbers on Santa Monica (90401, 04 and 05) for November 06-January 07? I've got the rest of the area that I'm tracking in my spreadsheet, but my wife requested late that we also consider SM, so I don't have those numbers. It's more to satisfy my anal needs. What I'm looking for would be the median sfr and condo prices and volume for both. If you don't want to post it here, you can send me an e-mail via

Westside Bubble said...

Here's what I have, SFR only for 90405:

November '06 - 6 sales, $978K median
January '07 - 8, $1,261K

You could also try Melissa data by month and zipcode.

Anonymous said...

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