Saturday, July 7, 2007

"Easy Freeway access" on Urban

Sometimes a photo just presents itself! The house on the far right is 3208 Urban Ave., 2 bed / 1 bath, asking $699,900. Across the street is the Santa Monica Freeway.

It's described as, "Fantastic Santa Monica starter home. Big 6500 sf lot. Easy Freeway access, huge backyard with fruit trees. Bring a little imagination and discover Santa Monica's treasure...." Notice how they always call for imagination in cases like this? While they left out the short walk to Trader Joe's, a block south on Pico.

It's not a bad price, actually, for freeway-adjacent, less than the 3/1, in-escrow 3345 Virginia asking $789K, and last year's 2/1 3008 Delaware, sold 4/7/06 for $769K.


speedingpullet said...

LOL! This one came onto ZipRealty yesterday, and I thought it was cheap for Santa Monica.

The dreaded phrase 'easy freeway access' stirred me to look it up on the Zip map.

No $hit, Sherlock!
A bad accident could mean you have a car in your front yard!
Even without a catasrophic multi-car pileup, you'd still have incessant noise and tons of freeway particulate raining down on your property in perpetuity.

Not to mention the elevated road blocking out your sun for hours a day.

Sheesh, only in Los Angeles would a house under the freeway have an asking price of $700K....and only in Santa Monica could a perfectly average lot size of 6500 sq ft be described as 'huge'.

The amount of disinformation going on in 9040(1-5 ) is truly mindboggling - shacks sold for 'land value only' with an asking price north of $1.5 million, cashback on selling for all and sundry and houses with truly horrible locations and sizes still trying to be sold for 10 - 15 time median household income.

When will this madness stop?

speedingpullet said...

Verryy interstink.....

3000 Urban, just 14 houses away, has just been listed on ZipRealty today.

Apparently, because its a few yards further away from the freeway, its asking price is $1,125,000.

Zillow estimates it at roughly $870K.

Westside Bubble said...

Like the overpriced houses at 3011 Virginia (reduced $50K to $949K) and 2937 Virginia ($1,095K) that aren't selling. Why even bother?