Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Cheap creekside Brentwood

This 3 bed / 2 bath "developers dream" probate is at 11938 Currituck Dr., the end of a cul-de-sac west of Westgate Ave., north of San Vicente, asking $995K.

The street ends at a creek (dry now) surrounded by eucalyptus trees, although officially called Tenneb Dr. on the City of LA zoning map. The house looks closed-in, surrounded by a shared driveway on the east, neighboring house on the south, creek on the west, and street on the north.

More fascinating is to look it up on Zillow (as 197 people have this month). The white rectangular roof at the bottom of the aerial photo (looking west) is this house. Most everything above the row of trees is a single 2.35-acre parcel at 406 S Saltair Ave., the street at the top. Zillow values this at $1.2 million. Yeah, right.


Don said...

What's really interesting is to look in google maps. Right next to the white rectangle, across the driveway, is a house with a dirt front yard used as a parking lot (or is that new construction?)

Anonymous said...

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