Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Venice canals update

Remember our discussion of the Venice Canals on September 1st? I wondered what happened to those 9 listings since then, and found a stark answer.

The least-expensive, 226 Carroll Canal (3/2.5, LP=$1,499K, -25% from OLP) is now Looking for Backup as a Short Sale after a 25% reduction. The second-least-expensive, 430 Linnie Canal (3/2.5, $2,299K) sold close to asking for $2,227K on 10/1. One is still available (457 Howland Canal, 4/4, $3,000K, -5%).

But the other 6 are all Expired / Withdrawn. Couldn't sell anything over $2.25M in a prime Westside neighborhood.

Four new listings round out the 5 now available:

2337 Eastern Canal, 1/1.5, $1,699K (-13%), 10/27/08
429 Sherman Canal, 3/3.5, $2,850K (-14%), 10/6/08
416 Linnie Canal, 4/3.5, $2,995K (-3%), 10/2/08
2407 Eastern Canal, 4/3, $3,165K (-6%), 9/10/08


Anonymous said...

There is so little activity over there. I wish there were more to report.

Anonymous said...


Now compare this with an article that ran on MSN.com yesterday listing Venice as No. 3 of "5 best suburbs to sell a home"