Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Last weekend

Either house shoppers are buying a house for the holidays, testing their skill at knife catching where prices are lower than others still unsold, or thirsting for Kool Aid, but a number of listings went "Looking for Backup" over the weekend, on the heels of what I reported in the last Weekly inventory update. A few others just left the listings, some I suspect expired.

Santa Monica
651 Navy St., 1 bed/1 bath, LP=$679K, LD=10/25/07 ($120K less than 718 Marine)
664 Marine St. 2/1, $749K, 10/18/07 ($100K less than 724 Navy)
1838 16th St., 5/3, $995K, 10/4/07 (north of Pico)
2404 2nd St., 2/2.75, $1,875K, 6/21/07 (reduced from $2,250K)
424 11th St., 3/1.75, $2,100K, 11/15/07 (lot-value 704 15th still available for $1,990K)
550 15th St., 5/4.5, $3,795K, 11/9/07

Pacific Palisades
16543 Akron St., 2/2, $1,249K, 9/13/07
1464 Paseo de Oro, 4/3.5, $1,825K, 10/8/07
770 Almar Ave., 3/2.5, $1,895K, 7/19/07

Conversely, Palms-Mar Vista listings were up two over the weekend. Crazy market, like the Dow that can be both up and down over 100 points in the same day.


Anonymous said...

Are these sales due to the initial "Oh my Gawd, those prices are so much less than we're used to!" discount? The discount that's not really a discount because two years from now, these properties should be worth even less???

allsouledout said...

In a word ... yes.