Saturday, March 31, 2007

Record LA County Inventory

In the last month Los Angeles County inventory jumped from 41,251 (2/28/07) to 43,761 (03/20) to a record 50,730 (03/31) in OC Renter's stats from Zip Realty (also below)! This surpasses the record high last fall of 47,369 (09/30/06). Other counties haven't passed last fall's peak yet. Very interesting .... We haven't seen it yet on the Westside, but last week rose in Santa Monica and Mar Vista (below).


Anonymous said...

I've been tracking the LA inventory nearly daily and it rose 3,259 in one day! (See my blog entry

Craig said...

What could have caused this? Is it just an end of quarter thing?

Anonymous said...

This is weird. Inventory is back to end of Feb levels!