Monday, March 26, 2007

Numerology on 11th

Second place in the Ancient Listings of Santa Monica is this small craftsman bungalow on 11th Street, now at 535 days.

There must be numerology in the price. Originally it asked $1,498,640. It raised to $1,502,640 last June, and the current $1,505,820 in September.

The condos under construction to the left replace another bungalow like this. I imagine an aging hippie, who bought both back when they were cheap, now cashing out for retirement.

Likely why so long on the market is Santa Monica's "Construction Rate Program", which limits construction to one at a time within a 500-foot radius. It'll probably sell after next door is done. Sad, losing the cute little bungalows that give Santa Monica character for more boring big condo boxes.


cassiopeia said...

True, sad to see those places go. Make way for the ugly future.

Joey said...

Santa Monica resident for 8-9 yrs. From Boston originally. Yeah, sad to see the new heinous things going up. I yearn for the old days sir