Saturday, March 24, 2007

Marin Real Estate Bubble Wiki

Marinite is back online, with a strong proposal for action against Congressional bailouts:

"... I am absolutely furious about these potential bail-outs. ... All we can do is write to our elected representatives and express our objection to this proposed bail-out. Since so many people these days don't bother with writing letters to their representatives, I created a wiki ... for this blog where we can collaborate on a letter of opposition; I've already written the bare-bones first draft that I hope people will edit into a killer letter. ..."

Read the full posting for more. And be sure to visit the Marin PoS Blog while you're there.


Lavi D. said...

Hey, thanks for the tag back

Check this out:

Weekend America

About six minutes in, there's an interview with a "foreclosure counserlor".

Anonymous said...

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