Friday, March 16, 2007


Here begins a new series - The Ancient Listings of Santa Monica.

This is the third-oldest, 324 days. OC Renter highlighted its 3-flip history last November 28. Originally listed for $819K, this 2 bedroom, 1.75 bath on Pacific is also the cheapest house in Santa Monica, asking $699K.

It claims "Lovely move in condition Bungalow, west of Lincoln. Hardwood floors, Ceasarstone countertops, copper plumbing, updated electrical. Zoned C4! Excellent investment opportunity or great for first time buyers. Close to beach and shopping..."

Yup, it's one whole lot west of Lincoln, bumping against the corner liquor store and its sidewalk dumpsters. Certainly is close to shopping, if you need a 6-pack! But no first-time buyers have found it great so far.


ocrenter said...

Westside, haha, I love it, absolutely love it. Did you personally go take a shot of the pic?

this one is CLASSIC!

Westside Bubble said...


Not as clear in the photos is how this tiny angled lot is sandwiched between the liquor store and the apartment building on the other side.

Anonymous said...

Based on purchasing power of 3x income, do you think anyone with an income of $235,000 would seriously be interested in purchasing and living in this shithole? A young surgeon? Law partner? Mid-level executive? Ridiculous! Do you think that the current owner is one of the above, or do you think he/she has a current income considerably less than $235,000?

Westside Bubble said...

Amazingly, its MLS status tonight is "Looking for Backup". It happened once before last September, but was back in October.

Have they finally found a buyer? At what price? Did this blog have anything to do with it?

Joey said...

When I was living a couple doors down from this place in the late 90s there was a double homicide in the restaurant next to the liquor store there (where I bought all my six packs). People used to get run over in Lincoln at that intersection too.