Sunday, March 1, 2009

SM sold, listed, and withdrawn/expired

Lots of inventory, but look how many sales closed in February: a whole three!

Addr., bed/bath, last price (-% from orig.), orig.list date, sale date, sale price (-% from last price)

1732 Bryn Mawr, 4/3, $1,200K ( -20%), 6/5/08, 2/12/09, $1,100K (-8%)
557 12th, 6/5.5, $2,786K (-34%), 6/4/07, 2/11/09, $2,786K
473 16th, 4/4.5, $3,995K, 10/2/08, 2/12/09, $3,720K (-7%)

Yes, 557 12th finally sold quickly after a final price cut in January, the fourth since its original listing at $4,195K in mid-2007.

Added: Don't expect March to be much better. Only 3 "Looking for Backup" and 4 "Pending" under $3M, and 1 "Looking for Backup" over $3M, could close in March.


Anonymous said...

Why do you keep publishing charts? The whole point of a blog is to have some independent analysis. You have none. So why bother?

David said...

Maybe you can use these charts to inform your own analysis. What's your blog name, Anonymous?

Anonymous said...

I agree with David. People need
more information about investing.
Apparently, there is lack of information, education and so on...
Otherwise, it woudn't happen
all of those bubbles in real
Also, investing system needs to
be simlify in order to help ordinary people to avoid many