Thursday, March 13, 2008

February DataQuick

DataQuick's February statistics were pretty much the same as January's. Los Angeles County volume (above) for February was down 45% from February 2007. Median price was down 16.4% from the August 2007 peak. Note the graph above highlights in yellow the second quarter of each year, historically the highest volume and largest price rise.

Below are median prices for four southern California counties. Like last month, Los Angeles County is back to spring 2005 levels, and Orange, Ventura, and San Diego Counties are back to spring 2004.


WarChestSM said...

Saw the data on Calculated Risk...brutal that 1 out of 3 sales in so cal was a foreclosure.

Los Angeles area is not even close to that metric though which should show once again that we are lagging the cycle.

And Santa Monica...the foreclosures are just getting started. Areas like Riverside, San Diego, etc are at least a year or more ahead of us.

Anonymous said...

Santa Monica has yet to see noteworthy declines in the 2 R-1 zone SFR markets (only 2 R-1 areas in SM, Sunset Park and North SM)

Condos will continue to take a they always do in a down market.