Saturday, October 6, 2007

September Melissa data

Remember last month I did this chart of weighted-average sales for Santa Monica zip codes 90402 and 90405, and Mar Vista 90066, from Melissa Data? Above it's updated with September sales, and taken back to the beginning of 2002 for a longer trend. Number sold rebounded some to 48 from the August depths of 34, but is still well below 2006's 67. As before, I highlighted in yellow the 2nd Quarter of each year, typically the peak.

Below I've separated sales and average prices for the three zip codes. Note the very small number of sales (2 and 1) and average price ($1,275K and $1,713K) for August and September in 90402. Apparently including condos, it implies no high-end houses sold for two months. (A note on the graph format: I try to make these legible without needing to be enlarged, to keep the image file sizes as small as possible for faster downloads.)


Anonymous said...

This is very interesting. According to another site,, says that North of Montana market trends have dropped from average sales price of around 2mil5, to around 2 mil, from march-May 07 to Jun-Aug 07.

Crash Random said...

A realtor called me at work the other day. I never had this happen before. Supposedly he just wanted to tell me that some open house I didn't remember had sold, but they were still accepting backup offers.

I of course did not leave my work number at the open house. He had to do some small amount of Internet detective work in order to hunt me down. A little desperate maybe?

pinhead said...

ok,obviously, i'm a newbie. first time on this blog-but from the looks of it -if you idiots spent as much energy actually researching CAL real estate from a distant perspective you would have all bought years ago and this would all be moot.

shut up already!!!

Westside Bubble said...

Pinhead, maybe some did, and others were too young. (Thanks for visiting here.)

sexy said...