Monday, February 26, 2007

Freeway Close 2

On the heels of the last post, a new 2 bedroom, 1 bath listing for $799K is described as "Great home, peacful [sic], nice back yard, zin atmosphere."

Not sure what a "zin atmosphere" is, but they continue the theme with, "You will not need to travel to get the peaceful setting, you're [sic] have it right at home, fireplace, wall to wall carpeting, built-ins, could be up-dated. Must see to appreciate...."

Yeah, you really must see to appreciate (with no photo posted) ... that it's just across the freeway from the house on Globe! Must be that zin, that it even costs more for a bedroom and half bath less.

(I'll tell you, these posts write themselves)


gepetoh said...

What the?? Where is it, in Beverly Hills? I've seen 2/2 condos in Westwood for $100K cheaper than that.

Craig said...

Great work, keep it coming! Can't wait for Santa Monica to show some losses so I can prove my parents wrong

Anonymous said...

Don't you realize that you are priced out forever? In a few years, you will have to pay $799K for a freeway view in Compton! (just kidding)

I have parents who cannot believe my decision to continue renting in spite of a very good household income and significant savings for downpayment. I don't want to be the greatest fool. I am convinced that we will be able to buy in a few years for more rational prices. I am targeting 2010.

Maybe today's market news might cool off the market even more.

Great new blog. Keep up the posts!