Saturday, December 10, 2011

Nevada gets tough

Remember the calls for prosecution of those who caused the housing bubble and crash? Especially Keith on the late, great Housing Panic blog calling for "perp walks"?

It's finally happening in Nevada according to today's LA Times.
Assembly Bill 284, which took effect in October, requires those foreclosing on a home to file an affidavit proving they have the right to bring the action — and it increases civil and criminal penalties for using fraudulent documents in a foreclosure.

A Clark County grand jury in November indicted two Southern California title officers on a combined 606 felony and misdemeanor counts, alleging the two headed a vast "robo-signing" operation in which tens of thousands of foreclosure documents were fraudulently filed in the Las Vegas area.
Yes, I'm still following the long bursting of the bubble, and have to think the then-new blogosphere will be a central part of documenting its history.

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nonnydlp said...

Thanks for staying on this. You have always been one of the most insightful and thoughtful voices on the issue. Lots of hard work to keep up a blog such as yours...