Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Inside Job

Finally saw the documentary Inside Job. Whew! Unlike the typical movie drama, this is about reality and there's no hero to win over evil in the end. The elites prevailed. Duh!

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Facts and Feelings said...

Saw this docu recently and the Columbia U. prof shown here reveals his true arrogance under questioning (this Hubbard guy was GWB's economic advisor during the rape of the economy).

Among the big groupings that make up our country -- government, the private sector, academia -- it's academia, the universities, the professors who taught all those MBAs who went into finance that are rarely held accountable.

Finally, with "Inside Job," we get to see the academic slime that is as much responsible for what's happening now as as are the wizards on Wall Street and the govt non-regulators. Universities should be held accountable but they rarely are -- their denizens hide behind tenure, academic freedom, and rarely publicized contract work for outside firms.

Perhaps the next ratings of these much vaunted institutions of higher education should reflect where the rapists of the economy were trained and educated.

Happy Thanksgiving.