Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ocean Park 90405 sales Sep-Feb

Here's Ocean Park (the part of 90405 that's west of Lincoln, south of Pico), part two of Santa Monica sales from September 2009 through February 2010.

The photo is 2327 5th Street, originally listed 7/13/07 for $1,600K, finally sold 2/1/10 for $1,000K, one of two Ancient Listings from 2007 that finally sold after major price reductions.

Address, bed/bath, current price (-% from orig.), orig.list date, sale date, sale price (-% from last list price)

606 Marine, 2/2, $675K (-10%), 6/2/09, 10/17/09, $650K (-4%)
2525 6th, 2/1, $682K, 12/29/09, 2/17/10, $736K (+8%)
740 Navy, 2/1, $688K, 6/22/09, 9/4/09, $656K (-5%)
604 Marine, 1/1, $699K (-3%), 2/11/09, 1/18/10, $680K (-3%)
2512 4th, 2/1, $739K (-6%), 11/19/09, 2/19/10, $720K (-3%)
2728 2nd, 2/1, $750K (-6%), 9/29/09, 1/6/10, $650K (-13%)
2726 2nd, 2/1, $799K, 9/29/09, 12/1/09, $700K (-12%)
2327 5th (photo), 2/1, $1,149K (-28%), 7/13/07, 2/1/10, $1,000K (-13%)

654 Hill, 3/2, $1,395K, 11/12/09, 2/8/09, $1,260K (-10%)
415 Marine, 3/2, $1,398K (-6%), 8/19/09, 12/8/09, $1,332K (-5%)
134 Hart, 2/1, $1,398K (-18%), 1/15/09, 9/24/09, $1,398K
2323 5th, 4/3, $1,450K (-31%), 2/5/09, 11/23/09, $1,375K (-5%)
2725 6th, 4/2, $1,550K (-9%), 9/23/09, 12/29/09, $1,450K (-6%)
150 Fraser, 2/2, $1,795K (-28%), 10/4/07, 1/14/10, $1,695K (-6%)


Anonymous said...

I love your blog. And I find Sunset Park and Ocean Park to be very interesting markets.

That being said, I think the majority of posters here really are only interested in commenting on the 90402 so if you want a lively discussion, post more on each house that sells in the 90402.

But it is your blog so do what you want.

Anonymous said...

oh man...$1,000,000 for that p.o.s.? People must still be thinking there's a market for mortgage backed securities or something. This place is a dump.

Tom said...

Actually, I'm not at all interested in 90402 and really appreciate OP and Venice posts, so you have it about right.

Anonymous said...

The 90402 situation is just about baked; price drop of 30% off peak, sales still happening because that demographic will always have money.

90405 is more interesting, with a $729k conforming loan within the reach of a large pool of buyers. The decision point is the same as before - spend the extra $100-200k to live in SM versus surrounding LA zips?

Anonymous said...

2304 cloverfield just sold

Thanks for the post. I was looking at the Cloverfield home, decided to walk the neighborhood at night and was a little turned off by the gang types. Then I found out that these same neighborhood gang types had murdered someone in Virginia ave park recently - and the park was only one block away. Needless to say I was disappointed that it would cost me 800 thousand dollars in order to live near that crowd.

I would characterize that neighborhood as not really trading at a premium over West LA. You get better police and schools in that neighborhood, but perhaps more proximity to the gang types.

So the choice of that neighborhood vs West LA is not money, it comes down to other things

Anonymous said...

Thanks for including 90405...

Its the best (or worst) kept secret on the westside.

Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Tim. Just wanted to say hi to the forum, I been creeping around here for a while now, but tend to participate more. Looking forward to make some new friends. Ciao!



Anonymous said...

Creepy Jim,

this is a real estate blog...not a chat room.

L.A. Realtor said...

I sold the one next door, can't wait to see what they become over the next few years.