Friday, January 11, 2008

Not gone in Ocean Park

Two long-time low-end Ocean Park listings dropped off the MLS late last year. But they're not gone!

First (photo above), 718 Marine St., a 1 bed / 1 bath flip listed 5/25/07, asking $799K after 6% reduction, is now for sale by owner. How might one find more information about this FSBO? Ah, a box of fliers. Oops, empty. Search Google by its address? Nothing, and the first hit is our post about it! Or the old-fashioned way, call the hand-written phone number 818-515-6530 on the sign. I haven't bothered.

Second, 724 Navy St., a 2 bed / 1.5 bath flip listed 5/6/07, was asking $849K after 11% reduction. It is now listed by Clement Partners, back up to asking $899K, but not in the MLS.


Anonymous said...

Clement Partners listings are never in the MLS. It makes it very difficult to track down their properties. They traditionally managed rental properties, especially duplexes.

Anonymous said...

Check it out - just listed house on La Mesa - asking 12 and a half million.

As you know, one side of La mesa faces busy san vicente with traffic noise that makes it less desirable . the better side of la mesa faces the riviera club and is quiet and more expensive

this is on the good side of la mesa facing the club

the lot is a little more than a third of an acre

What do you think - how much will they snag for this one

Anonymous said...

Key issue -
there are people who want to pay 12.5 for a house

the question is, would those people like la mesa better or would they like Bev Hills or Bel Air better ?

What will drive their choice - what will drive their decision where to drop the 12 and a half

Anonymous said...

la mesa has better weather and is close to the beach than bel air or bh. it is also arguably more convenient to dining, shopping, and entertainment.

Anonymous said...

It is a question of where you will feel most welcome - persians are made to feel welcome and included in BH. On La Mesa they are not as welcomed - Obvious that most persians will thus choose BH and NOT la mesa.

Santa Monica is inclusive, just not that inclusive

Do a survey. 9 out of 10 persians will agree and choose BH

Anonymous said...

Let's stick to what is relevant.
forget the ethnic / religious environment on La Mesa vs the ethnic / religious environment in BH and Bel Air

Forget that stuff - assume that you have 12.5 million to spend

where is the better location, all in

Westside Bubble said...

Wonder what you get for $12.5M in Beverly Hills or Bel Air?

North side of La Mesa is nice, looking over the country club and maybe even out to a glimse of the ocean, but it is just a big city lot.